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The Greif Way

How we think. How we act. Who we are.
The Standards We Hold for Ourselves

Personal Accountability

Greif is known around the world for our unquestionable integrity. Our people – intelligent, hard working and, above all, ethical – reaffirm our reputation every day with their every action. This is who we are:

Responsible and Accountable
Respectful of Others
Positive in Attitude
Team Player

Part of the Solution
Participant in the Process

Customer Relationships

Greif customers are our first priority. Without them, we have no Company.This is how we work with our customers:

Stay Aware of Our Customers’ Needs
Build in Quality
Provide Exceptional Service
Earn Customer Loyalty
Remain Above Reproach
Supplier Interactions
Be Consistent and Ethical
Cultivate Supplier Loyalty
Expect Quality Products and Services at a Fair Cost
Remain Free of Obligation



Ultimately, we all work for Greif’s shareholders, the owners of the Company. With this in mind, we continuously strive to create value in all that we do:

Build Our Company’s Worth
Maintain Our Company’s Reputation
The Support We Expect from Our Company

There are certain reasonable expectations that we have of the Company, and it is the Company’s obligation to do its best to fulfill those expectations. We can expect:


Fair and Equitable Treatment of All
Safety in the Workplace
Honest and Truthful Communication
Appropriate Rewards
Career Opportunities

The Principles that Guide Our Business

The cornerstone of Greif’s business practices is our Vision Statement. It expresses who we are and who we want to be. The Greif Way incorporates the following practices in pursuit of this Vision:


One Company, One Mission, One Vision = One Voice
Commit to the Future
Seek Continuous Improvement
Focus on Our Core

In the end, The Greif Way is more than words on paper – it is a way of life.
It is genuinely who we are.