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Steel drums

Large Open Head Steel Drum 210 Liter

The packaging solution for the petro-chemical, chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries.

Drums are the backbone of Greif’s Industrial Packaging & Services activity. The wide range of steel drums complies with the highest packaging requirements imposed by the petro-chemical, chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries. The packaging is produced with the latest production technology and tested in accordance with UN regulations to guarantee optimum protection for a broad range of dangerous and non-dangerous goods.


Commercial grade steel sheet. Specification according to EN 10130 / EN 10131 or equivalent standards.


Closing ring: lever-closing mechanism, totally galvanized.
Two Tri-Sure® 4S® closures, G2 and G ¾ are manufactured to meet ISO 15750 international standards. These closures may be sealed by Tab-Seal® caps, neutral or to customer design. Closures are fitted with Greif’s standard high performance 4S® washers.


Body: electrically welded longitudinal seam. Below 1.0 mm with 2x3 corrugations.


  • The standard Open Head Drum has a maximum diameter of 610 mm over the closing ring.
  • The vertical seam is electrically welded. The bottom is seamed to the drum body by means of the Greif Spiralon® triple seam which guarantees a safe performance.
  • The drum is provided with a standard removable drum top and a standard lever closing ring. Various additional options for closing rings and gaskets are available. The removable lid can also be provided with the optimum safety G2 and
    G ¾ Tri-Sure® 4S® closures which can be sealed with Tri-Sure® Tab-Seal® Caps.
  • To guarantee the highest safety in transport and handling, Open Head Drums are inspected for leakage by means of pressure testing.
  • Greif’s drums can be internally coated with epoxy   or epoxy-phenolic water based lining. Greif offers its customers technical assistance in determining the ideal lining for their specific purpose to ensure product protection and compatibility where necessary.
  • Greif offers a range of standard gauge combinations, covering the required UN performance level for practically all filling goods. Optionally, special solutions are available for specific drums for extra high performance.
  • Greif drums are certified by independent test institutes in order to comply with UN recomenndations and transport regulations such as RID/ADR/IMDG/IATA.
  • Globally, Greif has standardized on the international RAL colour system for external colours to ensure a consistent quality worldwide.
  • Alternatively, drums can be painted in customer corporate colours. Logos and texts can be applied to all drums by means of screen-painting.


The Greif Spiralon triple seam guarantees a safe performance.


ISO 15750 - 1

Internal lining

If plain drums are not suitable for your application, Greif can apply epoxy or epoxy-phenolic water based lining.

Exterior paints & decorations

Colours according to the Greif RAL standard range (or to special customer specifications).
Options: Multi-colour drum and one-colour silk screen decorations.

A 4S, RDL, Tri-Sure és a Tab-Seal a Greif által bejegyzett védjegyek


Disclaimer:  Data, dimensions, and information provided on this document are considered as nominal values for general purpose use in evaluating this product for customer's application. These are not considered as manufacturing specifications. It is the responsibility of the customer or filler to select the appropriate packaging for use or resale, based on all information at their disposal, including specific application, regulatory compliance, product compatibility, transport, storage, and material handling requirements. Regulatory compliance for re-manufacture, repair, or reuse of packaging is the responsibility of the reconditioner, customer and filler. Refer to appropriate regulations for packaging filling, transport, and storage requirements with your specific product. WE HEREBY DISCLAIM AND EXCLUDE ANY EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.